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Meeting of the Tickhill Town Council in the Pavilion, Tithes Lane, Tickhill

Tuesday 26th September 2017 at 7.00pm


Present were: Cllrs J. Bergin(Chairman), G. Whitehead, J. Hoare, I. Henderson, N. Cannings, P. Woolston, L. Mayes and  M. Marrison.


M. Cannings-Clough


There were 6 members of the public present.


Public Participation for matters other than Planning (10 Mins maximum)


A member of the public attended to speak about housing needs surveys and was invited to attend the Neighbourhood Implementation meeting on 10th October at 7.00pm


A member of the public had attended to speak about a grant application to assist in the promotion of diversionary activities at Halloween. Tickhill Town Council requested they consider their risk assessments and to also liaise with Richard Marshall from the Safer Families team at D.M.B.C.



113.17a. Apologies for absence were received from Cllr B. Keith and Borough Councillor M. Greenhalgh.

113.17b. There were no registers of any Disclosable Pecuniary Interests or Amendments

113.17c. There were no applications for dispensation.


114.17 Minutes: The minutes of the last meeting of the Council on 12th September 2017 were approved. RESOLVED


Public Participation for planning matters (5 mins per elected spokesperson)

The applicants of both planning applications were present. A most welcomed change.


115.17 Planning: current planning applications for recommendation and latest decisions made by D.M.B.C. as per the Planning Applications Page of this web site


Comments on the Ruddle Dyke project resulting from an application by Rotherham D.C. to build 400 houses near the border with Braithwell will be sent to matthew.temperton@rotherham.gov.uk David Jinks, the two Borough Councillors, Richard Ward at D.M.B.C.  all members of Tickhill Town Council, Severn Trent Water, The Drainage board and the Environment Agency.


116.17 Progress Reports of minutes of the previous meetings. Information from:-


116.17 a. Chairman:


At the last meeting the Chairman had requested a review of the frequency of meetings. The Council decided to retain , only on a necessary basis, the Tuesday morning meeting, the second in the month, for planning. If there was no planning then there would not be a meeting. Residents are requested to look at the notice boards and the Tickhill Town Council Website for meeting dates. This is in accordance with the Tickhill Town Council’s Standing Orders, item 1, last up dated March 2017.


The Council also requested Standing Order  item 22 to be up dated to read:


           “When referring to planning applications for “Tree” related matters i.e. either in the Conservation 

             area (TCON) or a Protected Tree (TPO), the clerk shall circulate the applications to members of

            Tickhill Town Council and if the clerk receives no adverse comments back within three working

            days the clerk shall make the following comments,” refer to the Arboiculturist”.

            Or: in the event has taken appropriate advice, that advice may be reflected in communication to 



A traffic survey had been undertaken in Tickhill with a restricted focus: Tickhill Town Council awaits the report back from the survey before making further comments.


The Council agreed that in an attempt to try and combat anti social behaviour that D.M.B.C should try locking the main gate for a trial period. This is a D.M.B.C. initiative and will be led by Richard Marshall.


116.17 b. Clerk:


The clerk presented to the council a quote for CCTV from John Moore Securities, which was very competitive; the Council decided to proceed with the installation. The servicing of the system will fall in line with the other products (Burglar alarm and fire alarm) which John Moore facilitates. 

Three other companies had been contacted and two had failed to meet their arranged appointment but had provided a verbal estimate far in excess of John Moore. The other company refused to commit without a payment to be deducted from the installation payment. This one was immediately declined.

Over the weekend 14 slates had been broken by persons unknown climbing on the pavilion roof.  It is hoped CCTV will help combat antisocial behaviour.

The clerk reported that applications for the post of pavilion manager are steadily being received.

All Pavilion risk assessments have been brought up to date; were presented to the Council and signed.

All the gutters have been cleared around the pavilion ready for the winter onslaught.

There is a new accident and emergency access indicator on the pavilion notice board.


116.17 c. Councillors:


A full range of varying comments have been received by the council from the public with regards to Tfest ranging from adverse to favourable.

There were no Traffic Regulation Orders applied for or closures for footpaths which in future years will need addressing.

Members of the public are reminded that there are telephone numbers on Tickhill Town Council website and D.M.B.C. website should they wish to complain about noise levels. 


117.17 Reports from Committees/Working Parties and Representatives will be provided by Councillors who have had meetings:


The notes from the Advisory and Partnership meeting were circulated.


118.17 Finance:


118.17 a. Accounts for Payment for September 2017 were approved RESOLVED Appendix 2

118.17 b. Receipts and payments for August 2017 were approved RESOLVED

118.17 c. August 2017 reconciliation against bank statement 2017 was approved RESOLVED


Cllr Keith, who manages the Town Council website, is being increasing thwarted by requests to update the website.

To facilitate this, a new piece of software is needed at a rental cost of approx £150 per annum.

The Council considered the easy option would be to request that the public, before sending information to Cllr Keith, should take the time to provide it in a format that is acceptable. The clerk will report in future minutes what that format is.

Cllr Keith spends a considerable amount of time updating the website and due consideration should be given to him.


119.17 Grant Funding Applications:

Four grant applications have been received and consideration given to all.

The Church was awarded £300.00 towards their ongoing costs of the grave yard.

£100.00 was given to help provide diversionary activities at Halloween

Free use of the pavilion was awarded to the Running Club

Free use of the pavilion was awarded to the Youth Hub to provide diversionary activities on 4th November. (Commonly known as mischievous night)


120.17. Correspondence: Items of correspondence were considered and responses as per Appendix 3 below


121.17 Neighbourhood Plan Implementation.(N.P.I.)

Jane Stimpson Panning Officer D.M.B.C. will be consulted on amending a map error on the Neighbourhood Plan. This came to light when investigating the user classes in the town centre.

There will be a Neighbourhood Plan Implementation meeting on 10th October 7.30pm The Pavilion Tithes Lane.

Road safety will be brought forward to the 24th October meeting

A meeting had been held with Lisa Carter from D.M.B.C to discuss the future of the wild flower patches in Tickhill. It was noted where patches of these had been a success and other not so. Areas for 2018 will be extended.


121.17a. Housing survey will be discussed at the N.P.I. meeting on 10th October 2017

121.17b. Grant aid for Wild Wood was discussed and it is possible to obtain a grant for a “scrape”. The clerk will make contact with regard to this.


122.17 Members Items: Nothing was brought to the attention of the clerk for inclusion on the agenda of the next meeting.


161.17 Date of next Council meeting: 24th October 2017 7.00pm The Pavilion Tithes Lane Tickhill unless a planning application needs attention and this will then be 10th October 2017 at 10.30am. The clerk will be able to give adequate notice. 


Correspondence 26th September 2017    Appendix 3


Letter from Resident re compliments on the Wild Flowers-N

E mail re Robin Hood Airport Committee-C

South Yorkshire Police and Crime Commissioner Newsletter July/August 2017-C

Borough of Rotherham, ref RB2016/1492 for 400 reply from Richard Ward-C and noted

YLCA Branch meeting-C.

Grant Aid for wild Wood-N

NALC Chief Executive's Bulletin 3215 September 2017-C

John Moore Security-Quote for CCTV- Accepted. Date to be booked in.

Tikspac Dog Bag Dispenser-C

Football Fixtures-Noted in the diary

Traffic survey-N

Doncaster Sheffield Airport (DSA)-N and action to be taken

Letter from resident re noise level at Tfest-A


N - Noted

C - Circulated

A - Actioned