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There will be a Meeting of the Tickhill Town Council in the Pavilion, Tithes Lane, Tickhill

Tuesday 26th September 2017 at 7.00pm



M. Cannings-Clough

Clerk to the Council 18th September 2017


Public Participation for matters other than Planning (10 Mins maximum)




113.17a. Receive apologies for absence:

113.17b. Registers of Any Disclosable Pecuniary Interests or Amendments

113.17c. Applications for Dispensation


114.17 Minutes: To approve the minutes of the last meeting of the Council on 12th September 2017


Public Participation for planning matters (5 mins per elected spokesperson)


115.17 Planning: current planning applications for recommendation and latest decisions made by D.M.B.C.


116.17 Progress Reports of minutes of the previous meetings. Information from:-


116.17 a. Chairman:

116.17 b. Clerk:

116.17 c. Councillors:


117.17 Reports from Committees/Working Parties and Representatives will be provided by Councillors who have had meetings: Recommendations to be made.


118.17 Finance:


118.17 a. Accounts for Payment for September 2017 for Approval 

118.17 b. Receipts and payments for August 2017 for approval

118.17 c. August 2017 reconciliation against bank statement 2017


119.17 Grant Funding Applications: For Consideration and or approval.


120.17. Correspondence: Items for consideration and response.


121.17 Neighbourhood Plan Implementation.


121.17a: Housing survey needs to be discussed.


122.17 Members Items: To allow Councillors the opportunity to discuss potential items for the

Agenda of the next meeting


161.17 Date of next Council meeting: 10th October 2017 10.30pm The Pavilion Tithes Lane Tickhill.