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You can access  and download Tickhill’s Neighbourhood Plan by clicking on the following link




Tickhill Neighbourhood Plan

Implementation Group – meeting notes


11th October 2016 Pavilion, Tithes Lane 7.30pm


Present: Rachel Appleyard (resident), John Hoare (Chair), Nigel Cannings (Cllr), Rosemary Chappell (Secretary), Margaret Marrison (Cllr), John Marsden (Tickhill Together), Tony Sheridan (Countryside Group), Sally Tyas (History Society), Peter Woolston (Cllr)


Apologies:  Brian Keith (Cllr), David Jinks (FOTMD), Linda Mayes (Cllr).


Following this meeting, JH is to publish a ‘Review of Progress’ to keep residents informed.





 TTC to keep a very close eye on planning conditions especially   where a community amenity is involved and check that DMBC conform especially to Policy DE3 (Protection of Limestone Walls) and H4 (New Housing).

 No news yet on the new DMBC Local Plan.




Following the Public Meeting on 12th January 2016, letters requesting comments on the ideas put forward were sent to all businesses.

Response was disappointingly limited.  Eight businesses responded.  Comments received were circulated.

There is support for the car parks at public houses to be used by business employees but contact still has to be made with some of the public houses.  LM has taken on this task.  JM will chase.

Need to take other ideas (change parking regulations in the town centre) to discuss with DMBC Highways.  (Policy MP2 Parking in Market Place and Surroundings.)




PW to persist in persuading Sat Nav companies to update local  routes to include the Great Yorkshire Way.  Hopefully this will reduce through traffic of heavy vehicles.  (Policies HT1 Safety and Traffic Improvements and MP1 Traffic Volume and Speed.)


Pedestrian Safety


Might be worth discussing (again) a pedestrian refuge on Northgate near Common Lane and on Westgate near Rawson Rd.  (Policy T3 Pedestrian Safety.)

These locations might be welcomed by parents from local schools.


Highway Verges












Many favourable comments had been received about the wildflower verges along Alderson Drive and Worksop Rd.  However, these need to be managed and possibly weeded.  (Policy C3 Highway Verges.)

Requests for the location of other areas to be sown are needed.  The other side of Alderson Drive (opposite the current plot) was suggested.

Bollards to present parking on verges, especially around the Cricket Club entrance, are still needed but are expensive.  Wooden ones are cheaper.  (Policies C3 Highway Verges and T7 Grass Verges.)

Tickhill Cricket Club is said to be reviewing parking in the vicinity of its entrance with the possibility of creating a new entrance away from this corner.


Tree Survey


TS (who heads the liaison group between TTC and DMBC – area Highways West) reported that good progress was being made re tree planting along Bawtry Rd.  The next tranche of trees is to be planted in November.  (Policy C3 Highway Verges.)

Four diseased flowering cherry trees on Rotherham Rd will be replaced with similar trees in the next financial year.

A group of residents have asked that a small piece of land on Everetts Close/Westfield Rd be ‘cheered up’ by replacing the 1970’s seats that have rotted.  TS is applying to Tesco for funding from its ‘bag scheme’ to supply the seats and also to plant more trees.  However, such funding is highly sought after.  A community orchard was suggested. (Policy CL3 Open Spaces.)

The wildwood continues to be maintained by volunteers.  (Policy C2 Wildlife Corridors.)




 The Town Trail is work in progress.  ST and JH had met with Richard Young (DMBC).  Eventual leaflet to be free, supported by six advertisements.  There is some money in TTC’s budget for printing costs.  (Policy HIS 2 Awareness of Heritage.)


Quiet Lanes


There is a real need to push for Apy Hill Lane to be given Quiet Lane status.  RA has written to Caroline Flint MP who has offered support and promised to contact DMBC on this matter.  JH to take this proposal to the next TTC meeting.  (Policy C4 Quiet Lanes.)

Julie Guest (Network Rail Rights of Way) needs chasing re the now disused railway.  This could be made into a footpath or wildlife corridor.  (Policies C1 Opportunities for Walking, Cycling and horse-riding, and C2 Wildlife Corridors.)


Other items




DJ and TS are part of a working party set up by Yorkshire Wildlife Trust to improve wildlife along the River Torne.  Work is on-going. (Policy D2 Rivers and Watercourses.)

There is money in the 2016-2017 DMBC budget to construct a low wall with railings by the Mill Stream in Lindrick.  This will improve pedestrian safety and act as a temporary flood defence. (Policy D3 Lindrick.)

TTC now has a good relationship with the tenants of Tickhill Castle and hopes to work with them to allow more community access. (Policy HIS 1 Tickhill Castle.)

Despite much public support for an improvement to road safety at the Spital, the prohibitive cost of installing a roundabout means that nothing is likely to be done. (Policy T5 Spital Crossroads.)

If, as is rumoured, DMBC imposes a charge for using its Dumpit Sites, an increase in fly-tipping is envisaged. (Policy Lit 2.)

From this meeting, JH to draw up a list of actions to take to the next meeting of TTC.



Date and time of next meeting TBA